Location Reminder Alarm

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To access your location history, please visit: http://rttraffic.com/lra/.

The Location Reminder Alarm alerts you of your to-dos and reminders as you approach specified locations. Most GPS reminder systems only use GPS as their way of identifying your location. However, this is not ideal when you are within large cities where there are many skyscrapers and underground metro stations. As such, RT Traffic’s Location Reminder Alarm uses Network Cell Tower signals in addition to GPS signals, so you are covered for anywhere that you go (dependent on whether network location under metro stations have been setup by the carrier company). Extensive testing has been done in Hong Kong and 75% of all stations have network locations setup. In addition, with the Location Reminder Alarm’s backend website, you could keep track of where you have been during the day, where your sales task force is or where your delivery person is in a real-time fashion. All you need is an email to start (no device id code or activation codes needed). The email will just be used for login purposes or for resetting your passwords.

This application has English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions. It will simply take the language that is used by your Android device.