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  • Welcome to Real-Time Traffic

    System Update

    June 16, 2013 in News Leave a reply

    We are currently updating all our systems and products and have currently removed our applications from the market.  We will update you on our on-going progress.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@rttraffic.com.


    Fleet Management Software – Early Beta

    July 31, 2011 in News Comments off

    An early beta version of our fleet management application, Device Fleet Management, has now made an unadvertised debut.  This application turns your Android phone into both a broadcaster and receiver of location.  With multiple devices, you could track and manage (location alarms, speed alarms, dwelling alarms, etc.) fleets/groups while you are on-the-run, with your mobile devices, or while you are in front of your computer console via the web interface at http://www.rttraffic.com/dm.  The following are instructions and FAQs about how the system could be used.  Please try it out and let us know how we can improve upon this early beta version.  Should you wish to contact us, please email us at info@rttraffic.com.

    1. Download the application.

    You can now download the application from the Android market at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.cg.android.devicemanagement.beta or by searching “device fleet management” within the Android market application.

    2. Registering and Logging into the System

    Either register for an account directly from the mobile application on the first screen or through the web console at http://www.rttraffic.com/dm.  This is required in order to identify different devices/parts of the fleet that you wish to manage.  Log-in when registration is complete.  One email per followed device.

    3. Receiver Tab

    Once logged in, you will be in the Receiver Tab.  To add devices to track/manage, click on the “Add Users” button on the top of the screen.  Once there, enter the email (of another registered user/device) and their authorization code (which can be found in the target devices broadcast tab – on the bottom) of the device you wish to track.  Each user being tracked/managed will appear in your screen.  Note: for your testing purposes, it is possible to track your own devices.

    Pressing on any of the followed accounts from your Receiver Tab will allow you to track their locations (assuming the user is broadcasting their locationinformation), create/manage speed alarms, and create/manage location alarms.

    4. Menu-Settings

    Pressing your phones “menu” button will allow you to access you settings.  Of special note, it is best to utilize the “GPS only” location provider mode.  It provides the highest accuracy, however, it is suggested that you are connected to a power source when doing so as power usage from the GPS can be significant.  For best performance, place phone near window with open view of the sky.

    5. Other Sections

    The other sections are self explanatory.  Of special note, it is possible to manage your followed devices/parts of the fleet direct from you web console at http://www.rttraffic.com/dm.  From the website, it is also possible to download and analyze information of your device locations.  For any comments, questions, and clarifications, please contact us directly at info@rttraffic.com.  Please note once again that this is a beta product and we would value be grateful for any constructive criticism and feature additions that you can give.

    Smart+Connected Communities Institute – Sustainable Urban Innovation Event

    May 24, 2011 in News Comments off

    We will be helping with the moderation of Smart Transportation Session of the Smart+Connected Communities Institute – Sustainable Urban Innovation Event in Rio (June 1-2).  Please tune in (or visit) the event if you are interested in the topic.

    Event schedule: http://www.smartconnectedcommunities.org/community/leadershipconference/leadershiprio/rioagenda